Monday, August 3, 2015

Dissassembly - Interceptor II

One lesson learned from my last build is to take photographs through the dis-assembly process. This was not as important on the Hornet as it had all been apart so I could not tell what was original in most cases. I have also been organizing my dis-assembly photos by category as I take them. This will aid in reassembly. In the past I relied heavily on the parts manual which I have found to be accurate in most cases but off sometimes. Pictures will clear this up. I also keep a parts list as I go. When I find something missing or in need of replacement I note it. This will make reassembly smoother as I will be held up by missing parts less frequently, which occurred with the Hornet.
Everything going good so far........

I am now the proud owner of a big ass socket and 3/4 drive breaker bar. 
This nut was a challenge. Thanks PB Blaster!

My daughters gave me offset spanners for my birthday. 
These things are wonderful!

I was afraid I would run into parts that were frozen up. I was surprised to find that most things came apart easily. A few exceptions were the crankshaft sprocket nut, fork tubes, and a few of the transmission outer cover screws. My next step is to sort everything out and note what is missing, what needs fixing, and then start the restoration process.  
Clutch locking tool used to remove the basket nut. 

Engine on the bench & ready to rebuild. I need to buy a large socket for the fork nuts. 
My collection of large sockets & special tools is growing. 

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