Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Chrome Plating - PT II

The first batch of Interceptor parts I received from Atlas Chrome Plating in Houston Texas looked very good. I sent them the rest of my parts this fall hoping to have them back for Christmas so I could build my wheels and rivet the front fender back together during my break from work. Everything was returned the week before Christmas and looked great. I love it when a plan comes together.....

The first job I sent Atlas was finished to their "OEM" spec and looked good. When my latest project was sent I opted for their "show" finish as the price was not prohibitive to do so. The fenders, chain guard, headlight bucket and rims will be focal points for the RE. I wanted them to be good ones.

The original front fender.....complete with dents.  
They were removed before the fender was sent for plating. 

A pic of the fender where dents once resided.....the show chrome finish is very good. 

The batch as sent to Atlas for plating.

The batch as received from Atlas. Nice!

The trade mark mostly survived the process but is a bit washed out. 
A blend of keeping the trademark Vs eliminating pits had to be made. 

The smaller parts look fine too.

Overall I am very pleased with Atlas' work and am glad I went the "show chrome" finish route for this batch. I will use it from here on out for most things. I am not sure if it contributed to the wash out of my lettering on the rims and will need to check on this. If so I may go OEM finish for the wheels next time. Thoughts to ponder.

Although I had not planned to re-chrome the pipes I had a change of heart and am sending them to Atlas. The left pipe had several small dents, mostly difficult to see, but I fixed them as I know they would bother me. Since they were quite a way down the tube and not very deep I tig welded them up and filed them smooth. The right pipe had some rust but no dents. Both pipes should look good as new when plated.

Dents getting filled. 

 Benched and ready for plating

Now it's time to finish up the BSA repairs I am midway through. I will also build the Interceptor wheels and rivet its front fender back together. I have never done the riveting before. It does not look like a difficult job for an old tool and die maker to tackle. More to follow.....