Monday, June 30, 2014

Side Case Repair

I put a significant effort into repairing the dent in my primary cover. It had been broken out and welded back together. It was functional but looked very poor. I attempted to fix it and made it worse. I will document this debacle in a later post. Attempt number two was made on a slightly dented case purchased relatively cheap on ebay. The dent was about an eighth of an inch deep. I put clay in the dents and made a plaster cast of the cover. I then put the cover in the cast and used MAP gas to heat up the case. Light tapping and rubbing with a ball peen hammer removed most of the dent. The cast stopped the case from being over corrected. I was very happy with this process, especially after the poor result fixing the original case. I would not hesitate to use this process again. 
Tools for repairing the primary cover. Plater cast, ball peen hammer,
and a map gas torch. 

Dent smoothed and ready to sand out.