Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Starting Point - RE Interceptor II

My first order of business was to get the Interceptor title transferred over to myself, which is not normally an issue. The bike was last titled in 1974 and the latest plate was from 1978. Unfortunately there was a typo on the original title so a request for change had to be sent to the state. This worked out alright and I owned the bike after a month or so. I live in Western Michigan and the bikes were purchased close to where I grew up near Flint. I was surprised to see the Interceptor belonged to a man who lived in the same small town. I remember seeing him ride bikes and probably the Interceptor. The BSA was also owned by a different person a couple of houses down from him.

The starting point. 

After checking the oil and putting gas in the fuel lines the Interceptor started and idled very well. There were some noticeable issues with the bike. Turn signals had been added and non-standard handlebars replaced the original ones. The rear number plate was fabricated to include turn signal mounts, a few splices in the wiring were found, but other than a few small things the bike is original. The rear wheel bearings were completely shot and probably took the bike out of commission. This prevented me from taking it for a ride.
A nickel in the tach drive? I will have to find out what this is all about. 

A spacer to accommodate a stretched primary chain. 
At least it wasn't a lug nut like I found in the Hornet. 

Interceptor Video:

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