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While this is by no means a comprehensive list of suppliers, they are people I have worked with in the past and had good experiences with. I find that prices vary wildly from source to source. This is due to the fact that the quality of product differs greatly and that prices of imported goods can fluctuate. It pays to shop around but I always take into consideration the support that comes with a product. If you buy something off of eBay and need help with it with it who is there for you? Will you need help? Good questions to ponder before proceeding with a purchase. I tend to error on the side of paying more for better service. Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order and not by preference.

Atlas Chrome Plating:
This source came to me on the recommendation of a person who does very high quality work. I have used them and am pleased with their results.

The Bolt Depot:
People I work with use these guys so I gave them a try for the fine thread UNC bolts, nuts and washers I purchased. Their prices were significantly cheaper than my local hardware, turnaround time was good and they had a comprehensive selection of products.

The Bonneville Shop:
I have purchased a lot of misc. parts from these guys. Service is fast, parts are as advertised and good quality for what I have received. Their prices are good too. Find them at their web site or on eBay. 

British Tools and Fasteners:
Most of the Whitworth fasteners I purchased came from this source.  British Tools and Fasteners are a good source for bolts, screws, bike specific threaded parts and those odd sized lock washers.

British Cycle Supply Company:
I started using these guys in 1988 when I purchased a set of mufflers from them for my 1969 Firebird Scrambler. They collected orders from people and had sets made up when they hit a quantity of three. I appreciated this and received reproduction mufflers for less than half the cost of NOS. I have used them off and on for parts since then and never had a bad experience. They are friendly, knowledgeable and now have a US warehouse for shipping parts.

These guys have been around for many years and are located in Garden City, Michigan. They have just about everything you could ever need.  NOS and reproduction parts are listed in their online catalogue.

Burton Bike Bits:
I ended up buying a substantial amount of my parts from this source. They have items I couldn't find in the US or afford to buy if I did. Service was good, shipping fast, and prices were fair. In order to make the most of my shipping dollars I placed large orders which worked out well as I am purchasing parts for three restorations at the present time. One of my favorite sources that I will continue to use.

Colorado Plating, LLC
CAD plating for the BSA Hornet was done by this company, formerly Aeropropeller. I was very satisfied with the quality of their work. They have motorcycle and automotive restoration experience which is a plus.

Domiracer: Out of business
They were the largest source of reproduction and NOS parts in the US to the best of my knowledge. They went under the gavel this summer and are no more. I hope some of my other vendors picked up their inventory and make it available in the future.

Draganfly: https:
This is a UK supplier specializing in Ariel and BSA spares. They were presented to me as a favorite supplier by a fellow British motorcycle enthusiast. I used them as a source for some hard to find BSA Hornet parts. 

These guys are our regional experts and source for motorcycle machining on British bikes. They bored my Interceptor cylinders which came out very nice. Although they work on a plethora of makes they offer many customer machined parts for BSA singles and twins. Check out their site.

Expert Motorcycle Works:
I found these guys many years ago through word of mouth. When they did not have what I needed they referred me to someone who did. I used them for the machining on my 1967 BSA Hornet engine and as a source for all of the engine components. The quality of work and parts was first rate and Bob is a great guy to work with. He not only completed the work but explained what he did, why he did it, and gave pointers for a successful rebuild. His bike showroom (bikes not for sale) is worth the trip to his shop if you are in the area. Check out his newly renovated web site too.

I found Joel on someone else’s blog. He rebuilt my tachometer, communicated well throughout the process, and turnaround time was good. He is currently rebuilding my Interceptor Gauges.

Hitchocks Motorcycles:   http //
These guys have everything Royal Enfield and their website is organized very well. As with other sources in England I have not had issues with shipping. It is fast, things arrive in good shape and the shipping is not too bad if you place larger orders. One of my favorite sources.

Klemps British Parts:
I have purchased many parts from Klemps throughout the years. When I have a doubt about what I am buying they take all questions out through their knowledge and expertise. For example, when I purchased a set of throttle cables for my 1970 BSA Lightning and they were too short, they had me ship them my old ones so they could match a set up. Great service.

Kro-Pro (formerly Proctors Custom Chrome Plating):
I chose Kro-Pro for refinishing my chrome parts, as have many other local cycle, bicycle and car guys. Quoting was accurate and the description for what to expect was spot on. They are used by the high end restoration guys and museums in this area.

They sleeved the monoblocks for my 67 BSA Hornet. The work looks great & they have a nice overview of the process and pricing on their website.

Precision Motorcycle Painting:
These guys did the paint work on my Hornet. They understand that people restoring motorcycles are after authenticity and quality. Their attention to detail is high as a result. I will line them up with my next projects. They have many photos of past projects on their web site and their bikes have been featured in shows across the Midwest with good placement. Check them out.

Steadfast Cycles:
A source that is new to me. I found them on eBay and then migrated to their web site. They have a large selection and well sorted online catalogue to shop from. A lack of product definition is my issue with most vintage bike sources. I have been surprised many times by what I have received. Steadfast Cycles’ catalog takes this ambiguity out of the equation.

I came across these guys in a quest for authentic cables to fit my RE Interceptor. As advertised their tach and speedo cables were exact replicas of the originals. Prices were good, shipping was fast, and questions were answered promptly. Need I say more? Check them out.

Waldridge was a company discussed on the "RE Interceptor Yahoo group" as a source of Norton P11 handlebars that would double for Interceptor bars. They have comprehensive list of spares and delivered a positive interaction. I will use them for future purchases.   

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