Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Restoration's Target - Interceptor II

My intent is to take the Interceptor back to its as new factory condition. It was delivered to its original owner with no options. No air cleaner (was the air cleaner back the?), skid plate, grab rail or oil cooler. These will all be added and with this as my intention I am moving forward.  

The front end of the Interceptor was sourced to Norton and shares parts with them as a result. The SLS brake plate is interchangeable with the DLS of the Commando. Many years ago I purchased a 1968 Norton Commando Fastback that had been turned into a chopper and then promptly crashed. No surprise if you have ever driven an extended fork bike. Anyway, along with a good engine and transmission I also have a DLS brake plate I will use for the Interceptor. I think it was an option in 1970 but I am not sure. I like good brakes so it is a deviation I will make even if it was not. Of course I will keep the factory plate and put it back on if I get marked down at shows. Pictures I am working to are below. 

The right side showing grab rail, oil cooler and skid plate. 
Air filter missing & DLS brake added. 

The left side showing the air filter on an original '69. 

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