Friday, March 13, 2015

Selecting Electrical Components & Making Mounts

I decided to update all of the electrics on the Hornet as they were thoroughly trashed. A Trispark Ignition & dual lead coil, a Lucas alternator from a 1970 Thunderbolt, a toggle switch, horn, Sparx rectifier, fuse box and a lithium ion battery are the key components. I am also keeping the factory kill switch which will be wired into the coil ground with a relay. Automotive 16 gauge wire and Lucas bullet connectors tie everything together. Once the components were selected I had to figure out where to mount everything.

Original condition of the electrical system. 

I wanted to keep a stock look to the bike so I added a battery box to mount the Sparx rectifier, fuse box and battery into. The lithium ion battery is compact which provides room for the other components. An aluminum bracket was fabricated to mount the coil up and out of site between the air cleaners. It also provides a mount for the horn.

The fuse box bracket and rectifier heat sync will be mounted to the battery box. 

The dual lead coil mounted on its bracket.  

Milling the coil bracket in a Bridgeport. 

The coil mounted up and out of the way between the air cleaners. 

A stock Lucas kill switch mounted in a bracket fabricated from a tracing of an original. 

A toggle switch mounted under the seat to turn the power on and off.  Horn and kill switch relays can be seen above the oil tank. 

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