Thursday, March 5, 2015

Aluminum Tank & Side Panels

The tank was an aluminum replacement from India purchased to be used with the US's ethonal laced gas which would not have been friendly to the original fiberglass tank. The glass tank also had dry rot issues which I did not think could be fixed well. Although overall the quality of the aluminum tank was pretty good, it had a few issues. The mounting hole was 3/8 of an inch further back than the OEM tank. I thought there was enough adjustment in the frame mount but this was not the case. I made a bracket that set the tank back about ½ inch which works well. The second issue was with the filler neck which was detailed in a previous post.  

Custom mount made to accomodate the aluminum tank.

The side panel mounting went well although a few of the brackets had to be bent to align everything properly. I applied foam tape to all of the contact points on the rear of the fiberglass panels. This should stop the movement that nicks these things up and distorts the holes. I also used my gasket cutter to fabricate clear duct tape washers that I stuck to the inside of the oddie studs. The panels should be protected from the inside of the fasteners which are prone to tearing up the paint around the holes.

Washer made from duct tape & using gasket cutters. 

Tank and panels fit...time to move on to the electrical system. 

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