Monday, January 5, 2015

Steering Head Rebuild

This was an assembly that went together much easier than expected. I have always wanted to install tapered roller bearings and this was my opportunity as the original ball bearings were shot. Some were even missing. I purchased a set of SRM bearings from British Cycle Supply and found a set of drifts (tubes) to install them. I also made a drift to install the cups in the frame. Another thing I found helpful was a driver I made to turn on the steering head nut. This made the job easier and helped in my quest to keep the bike scratch and gouge free in its assembly. 

New bearings ready to be installed in the frame. 
The drift used to drive in the cups is in the background. 

Driver made to install steering head nut. 

The bearings turn smooth but the final judgement will come after it is ridden a bit.

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