Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lacing Wheels

This went better than expected. My only experience with lacing was the bicycle wheels I destroyed when I was a kid – and an aluminum motorcycle rim I tightened out of round. Older, more experience, whatever…..I did alright this time. I won’t go into too detail as there are some great videos online that show you how to do this correctly.

I completely rebuilt the hubs before lacing, installing sealed bearings all around. I purchased stainless Buchannan spokes and followed on-line advice to apply never seize on all threads and where the nipples bear against the rim. After truing the rims with a pointer to be finger tight, I broke out the dial indicator. I was able to get the rims within .01 of a nominal spot for a .020 total indicated runabout (TIR). The exception is where the end of the rims are welded. This added .015 to the run out for .035 TIR. Side to side was also about .030 for each rim. I measured this off of the inside of the rim. Proper offset was achieved by loosening spokes on one side and tightening ones on the other an equal amount. After proper alignment and offsets were achieve I tightened the spokes evenly all around until I could get them to “ring” the same as my other bikes.  I went around the rim 3 – 4 times. After I ride them a bit I will recheck tightness. They look very good, spin well on my jig and I am quite pleased with the results. 

The "Before" picture

The rim laced and ready for "truing"  

Indicating run out and adjusting spokes. 

Rubber mounted and ready to balance. 

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