Monday, April 14, 2014

The Oil Pump

The oil pump tach drive was broken off and there was a small chip out of the die cast body. A used one was purchased on ebay that looked good but would not turn free. I tried to fix this with poor results and ended up taking the tach drive off of the ebay pump to put on my old one. The worm gear was worn and a NOS one was bought from an internet site. It was rusted a bit but cleaned up alright. One issue was that the threads did not go all the way through and it would not start onto the shaft. I am now the owner of a 9/16 – 20 LH tap which was used to remedy the issue. The gear is case hardened but it tapped alright. I am sure it was not good for the tap as it squeaked all the way through the hole.

To test the pump I hooked it to a drill per Mike Brown’s “Building a Better BSA” video and pumped oil through it. A quart went through pretty fast which means it should work fine. There is not an oil pressure gage on the ‘67 so pressure could not be checked. An internet site from a shop in Howard City Michigan, E & V Engineering, gave a run down on checking a BSA oil pump when you have no gage. Oil should pump out of the crank bearing and there should be output from the scavenge side.  The line to the head also pumped oil. Check out the notes on E & V’s site for more info. I will put the bike in gear, take out the plugs, and push it down the driveway before starting it to make sure oil flows back into the tank, but I should be good to go. 

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