Monday, April 28, 2014

Cadmium Plating Follow up

One issue I have been dealing with is tight threads. All of the plated screws and nuts go together very hard or will not go together at all. Taps and dies have been purchased for all the threads I have encountered on the bike; BSW, BSF, BSC and a number of odd ball threads such as 13/16 -20 & 9/16-20. These taps and dies have mostly been found on ebay. I have gotten into the habit of running a tap and die into every nut and on each bolt before putting things together. This takes off the new cad plating but leaves the original cad film in most cases. Threads work great. I have been holding all bolts and studs in a lathe and then hand tapping them while nuts go in a small aluminum jawed machinist vice.

My “plan B” for parts that missed the plating process was to paint them with a finish similar to cad. A “high temperature ceramic aluminum header paint” was found at my local “Autozone” that fits the bill. While I would much rather have cad this will work for now. When I send parts out for my next restoration they will go too if the paint does not hold up.

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