Monday, August 26, 2013

What do I have?

Once I was finished dissembling the Hornet I had to assess what was still good and what needed to be replaced. Some things, like the lower fork legs, were pretty obvious. Others, such as engine bearings and the gearbox would take more inspection. I was a tool and die maker in a past occupation and still have, and know how to use, precision measuring tools. I also work for a tier one automotive supplier where I manage their rapid prototyping systems. I have access to machine shop equipment, welders, and measuring tools in our shop. I am a list maker, which probably comes from my die making experience. A plan is needed for everything I do. It drives some people nuts, but it is the way I am wired. I made an initial list of sub assemblies to focus on so that I could keep the rebuild moving. I broke it down to the power unit, painted parts of the frame, wheels, chrome bits, tank and side covers, and hardware. I also noted things I could not do myself that had to be sent out. The tachometer fell into this category. It was sent to Joel Levine Co. in Atlanta, Georgia. Although it had broken glass and a wasp nest inside of it, he sent it back looking like new. I will use him again. I also sent the carburetors out to be bored and sleeved as they were in really bad shape.  Detail on the carburetors will follow in a later post. Engine bearing replacement and cylinder boring was also sent out, which will be in another post. 


And After.

Breaking it down & getting things cleaned up. 

Parts staged for rebuilding & refinishing. 

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