Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding a Hornet

While showing my BSA Lightning at a local “bring what you’ve got” event in the small community in which I live, an old truck driver asked me if I wanted to buy another one. He invited me to his place to see what he had. What I found was a very thrashed BSA Hornet laying on a pile of old clothes in the front of a semi trailer where it was stored in the early 80’s.  It was dark but I could see high pipes and no headlight, which told me it was a Wasp or Hornet. He didn't want much for it so I told him I would take it and showed up the next day with cash and a trailer. When I first saw it in the light I wondered if I had paid too much but figured I could part it out if necessary. It had matching numbers so I decided it was worth restoring. I have been disassembling and refurbishing it for the past year. I am posting a couple of photos of my Hornet “As Found” for you to see what I started with. 

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