Sunday, July 3, 2016

Chrome & Nickel Plating - PT I

The RE needs to have much of its chrome re-plated as well as nickel for the spoke nipples which I have not sourced in the past. I decided to try Atlas Plating in Houston Texas for this batch of parts. Atlas has two levels of chrome, street and show. Their site does a good job explaining the differences between the two levels. The steel for my parts was in good shape so I selected their "Street" finish. I have found other sources also use similar standards and processes.

The before photo........

The after photo.......

Atlas' price was what I would expect, timing was good, and the quality meets my expectations. I sourced their "Street" level finish. It uses no copper plating below the nickel and chrome. My parts were not pitted so I thought this would work well and it appears to have done so. I will reassess this for my remaining work. You will find Atlas on my supplier list page. 

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