Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Turning Point

I have spent most of my spare time in the last year tearing down the Interceptor, reconditioning parts and getting things ready to assemble. I have purchased many new parts and have a long list of those to purchase. I also have a list of services needed such as boring the cylinders & getting parts chromed. Many tasks, such as paint work, are complete which means I can start making it look like a motorcycle again.

Building a mount for my lower frame complicates things a bit. 

The front fork part set is complete. New bushings, seals and gaiters were purchased and installed. The lowers were polished and bits re-plated. Assembly can commence......

The front end completed and waiting for a wheel.

The hubs were rebuilt and went together without incident. The front rim was bent beyond use and the rear out of round. It is probably usable but not in the best shape. Either way I don't have new rims, re-chromed rims or plated spoke nipples yet. I am also in need of a plating source and I have a few to try that have been  recommended by my painter.

The first set of parts heading to Atlas Chrome Plating in Houston Texas. The nipples will be nickel plated while everything else gets chrome. Let's see how they do. 

The headlight mount inserts were broken out, cracked and in need of help. 

Pressed back into place and ready for TIG welding. They came out fine and will be sent for new chrome. All chrome parts in need of fixing have been repaired. 

Sorting out the rear new Hagons or get new dampers.....will have to ponder this while I do a bit of research. Anybody know what the lines of red and orange dots on the springs are for? I am guessing they tell the weight rating but that is only a guess. 

There are a few things that can be assembled yet but it's time to put it away for the summer. OK, I will still piddle a bit but will mostly putt around back roads on my other bikes & go to bike shows. A few larger rides on the Trophy are in order too.

A new shock for the Triumph. It smoothed out the ride tremendously. 
Should have upgraded sooner.  

The AMCA Wauseon Ohio show is on the docket for this summer. I hear it is one of the better in the Midwest. I will also enter the BSA Hornet in the Gilmore Car Museum's Motorcycle show in June. Wish me luck. If you are within a couple of hours drive it is well worth the trip. Not only does it host a great bike show & small motorcycle museum, it is one of the country's finest auto museums. Enough of the sales pitch but check out the links below. Drop by the red '67 Hornet and say howdy if you make it to the show.

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