Sunday, January 24, 2016


After repairing the painted parts they were taken to Precision Motorcycle Painting in South bend Indiana. I used them on my Hornet and was very pleased with their work. They are not cheap but they know motorcycles and are perfectionists which I am willing to pay for. Pictures of an original tank were provided as well as a photo of all parts to keep things sorted out when it was time to pick them up. I have found this to be a good idea as many parts come and go from suppliers and it is not hard to get things tussled.

An OEM paint stripe purchased from a supplier in England was provided for color matching and pin stripe width.  Tank decals were also purchased from the same supplier. The decals were much darker than the paint stripe and also thicker than the original tank script. In addition I was concerned gas would easily damage them. For these reasons the decal was used to make a paint mask and they were painted on to match the stripe color. The stripe was painted with black pinstripes being applied by hand. 

All of the other parts were sprayed as well. I know many people use powder coating with good results but I have heard of fails and I have not used that method yet. Maybe on a future build.

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