Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hardware Prep for Cad Plating

The hardware on the Interceptor was in fairly good condition but a bit rusty overall. After dis-assembly all hardware was removed, photographed and cataloged. I put increased efforts into documenting hardware on this restoration as it will simplify sorting when it is returned from the plating company. It also allowed me to develop a “missing & damaged” list of items to hunt down.

Cataloged and ready for cleaning. 

My bead blaster does not like grease and plugs up if I do not thoroughly clean parts. I have been looking at ultrasonic machines for a while and picked up a two liter model at Harbor Freight. I will cover more of its utility in a following post. I filled it with de-greaser and turned on the heating element. The hardware came out clean although a bit rusty.

The ultrasonic hard at work. A great tool for the shop. Why didn't I buy one sooner?

As in my Hornet restoration I added new hardware for plating. Newer parts have zinc that must be removed. In the past I used lye to accomplish this task. After further research into this issue I learned that white vinegar will accomplish the same task and is less toxic. I bought a gallon, soaked all parts for a several days, and all CAD and Zinc plating was removed. Most rust came off too. I bottled up the used fluid to take to the hazardous waste facility in my county.  The hardware was rinsed with boiling water to make it dry fast and reduce rust. 

Parts came out of their bath with no finish. 

Cleaned, out of its boiling rinse, and ready for blasting. 

A thorough cleaning of parts before blasting paid dividends as it took significantly less time to do and I used much less media. Time well spent. Holding parts was my biggest issue during my last rebuild. This time I made an aluminum window screen sack to hold small parts. It greatly reduced the aggravation for accomplishing this task.

Parts came out great. Now if only I can get them all to the plater and back without losing anything.... A new source is within driving distance. At least "lost in shipping" hazards should be eliminated. 

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