Monday, June 15, 2015

Gilmore Car Museum Antique Motorcycle Show

The Gilmore show is one of the biggest in Michigan and attended by enthusiast from all over the mid west. I have been going to this show for many years and have entered my BSA & Norton "riders" in the the general class which is peer reviewed. My plan was to do the same with the Hornet this year and pick up feedback on what should be improved before entering the Masters class which is a preregistered and judged section of the show. Due to the horrible weather there were a few no-shows in the Masters class. One of the judges asked me to enter my bike in it, which I did. It was a great experience and I think the restoration bug has firmly set in. I enjoyed meeting the other people who restored bikes, sharing restoration tips, and trading parts sources. The feedback from the judges was also beneficial as I now have a better idea for how to best show a bike and what they are looking for. Although I did not win any trophies, the bike received great reviews and will do better next year after minor corrections.

Staying somewhat dry in a torrential down pore under my "sunshade". 

One of the more interesting bikes. A parallel twin Indian scout racer replica. Some great workmanship and ideas went into this bike. It looks like it would be fun to ride.

A Rocket 3 won 3rd place in the Masters class. A gorgeous bike that  is on my wish list. The first two spots were won by a Bonneville and a Trophy 500 which were very well done.

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