Monday, January 27, 2014

Fixing Painted Metal Parts

Many of the painted parts were gouged, bent or just plain broken. Parts showing the most damage were the footpegs and the center stand, which should be no surprise. I heated these items with a torch and put them back to their original shape. The seat pan threaded inserts had been broken out and UNC bolts were brazed on to the pan. I removed the bolts, sandblasted and cleaned the metal, and then TIG welded the cracks in the pan together. This was difficult since braze was in the metal which caused popping and pitting of the welds.  When the pan was as good as I could get it, I welded plates with threaded inserts onto the pan. 

The seat pan rebuilt, refit, and ready to paint. 

The oil tank was also in pretty rough shape. When the previous owner put an oversized knobby on the rear it rubbed against the welded seam around the tank. Eventually it wore a hole through the tank. I found the tank leak when I cleaned it with kerosene and fluid leaked onto my bench. To clean the inside of the tank I filled it with engine degreaser and then power washed it. To dry the metal before it had time to rust I put the tank in my gas grill. I only lit one burner and put the tank on the side without the flame. When it reached 300 degrees I shut it off and let it cool. This completely dried out the inside of the tank. I then TIG welded the seam and the mounting bracket, which was also broken. After it cooled I put Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank to check the seal and prevent rust. This process was all completed within 24 hours so the tank did not have time to rust.

The weld seam worn through from the oversize knobby. 

Tig welded, sealed and ready to paint. 

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