Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Making & Fixing Bits

A couple of pieces had to be made. The brake rod was cobbled up and the header tie bracket was missing. These pieces seemed easy enough to make so I fabricated them. The brake rod was threaded on both ends using my BSF die and I tapped out the pin end of the rod clevis to accept the threads. The header tie was sheared to size and the slots will be milled. I will send it out for chrome plating with my other bits. I also fixed parts with poor threads. Some of these seemed beyond repair but they cleaned up alright. I purchased some odd ball taps and dies for this task. I now own 5/8-18, 5/8-20 & 9/16-20 taps and dies. 

Some of the threaded bits made or fixed before plating.

I also decided to make a few of the valve cover studs as they are rather expensive. I started with long grade 5 UNC bolts and cut out the unthreaded portion to use as stock. I threaded them with my dies to the appropriate length. I did not know if my “India dies” were up to the challenge but they held up without issue. 

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